Anima Media Kit

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Anima Characteristics

LEGAL NAME: Marcy A. Betzer
ADDRESS: Po Box 3088, Summerville, South Carolina 29484
MOBILE: 843~609~7924
911 CONTACT: Fiancée, William F. Whitfield, Jr. 843~725~9267
MOTO: Tat ~ Tvam ~ Asi   (Sanskrit for Thou Art That)
TM: Her performance will seduce your heart, inspire your soul, tantalize your ears, and intrigue your mind…
STRATEGY: Here the real fairyland journey began. It was like a dream – the waking dreamof a magician who had discovered the secret of materializing his visions…her companions had left the world of reality behind… Their talk was of the ancient Gods, and they all were transformed.” – Gina Kaus
TYPE: Drammatica D’agilita Soprano
RANGE: Rehearsal: E3-G6  &   Performance: G3-F6
ATTITUDE: Studious; Meticulous; Committed; Ambitious; Disciplined; Focused; Private;Courageous; Willing to Learn; Jovial; Happy; Positive; Accessible; Anything is Possible.
OTHER TALENTS: Dancer; Actress; Basic Piano Skills; Regional Dialects & Accents; Business Administration:  Sales/Marketing/Management/Development/Acquisition
HEIGHT: 5’1” or 61 inches
WEIGHT: 105 +/- lbs.
EYE COLOR: Light/Dark Brown
HAIR: Dirty Blonde – Strawberry Blonde, Long/Curly
PHYSIQUE: 34~26~33”
EARS: 1 Set of Piercings
MARKINGS: No tattoos
LANGUAGE: Primary: English; Secondary: Italian;  Smattering: French/German/Norwegian
FLOWER: Multi-colored, Full, Old Fashioned, Queens variety Roses
COLORS: Black; Jewel Tones; Rainbow Mixes
METAL: Platinum
GEM: Diamonds; Multi-colored Sapphires
PHILOSOPHER: Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss.”
QUOTE: “If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.” –Yann Martel The Life of Pi
ALLERGIES: Some animals; Weeds; Dust, Food: Flour, Wheat, Rye, Oats, Spelt and Barley
CONDITIONS: Biorhythms of an Artist; and, Asthma, Treated and Controlled
GOAL: 13 Concerts, 1 Staged Opera, 1 Festival a Year. 13 Year World Tour.