Depuis le jour

Depuis le jour

With, Don Shabkie, Pianist perform “Depuis le jour” from Gustav Charpentier’s (1860-1956) Opera Louise during pt 2 of 4, of concert series titled, “Lovers in all Predicaments.” At the Bishopville Opera House, SC, USA. Produced by Lee County Arts Council and Anima Productions. Recorded by Zack Meddlin, and Edited by Jeff Mahaffey.

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TEXT: Depuis le jour au je me suis donnee. Toute fleurie semble ma destinee, je crois rever sous un ciel de feerie, l’ame encore grisee de ton premier baiser! Quelle belle vie! Mon reve n’etait pas un reve! Ah! Je suis heureuse! L’amour etend sur moi ses ailes! Au jardin de mon coeur chante une joie nouvelle! Tout vibre tu se rejouit de mon triomphe! Autour de moi tout est sourire, lumiere et joie! Et je tremble delicieusement au souvenir charmant du premier jour d’amour! Quelle belle vie! Ah! Je suis heureuse! Trop heureuse, et je tremble delicieusement au souvenir charmant. Du premier jour d’amour”

TRANSLATION: Darling, that day when I became your lover, all was enchanted and life flowered before me. Since that day life is a fairyland of bliss. While the spell hovers around me from that first burning kiss. Life is wonderful! I dreamed but it was more than dreaming. Ah! I am enraptured! Love has wrapped its wings around me! As a garden lowers so has my heart awakened! All nature shares in my joy and in my triumph! And all around is sunlight and laughter! Ah, I tremble! With the nostalgic joy as I live again the first moment of our love. Life is beautiful! Ah! But, I am too happy! Far too happy. I tremble with a delicious joy living again those long hours of our first day of love.

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