Pace, pace mio Dio!

Pace, pace mio Dio!

With, Don Shabkie, Pianist perform ” Pace, pace mio Dio!” from Guiseppi Verdi’s (1813-1901) opera La Forza del Destino during pt 3 of 4, of concert series titled, “Lovers in all Predicaments.” At the Bishopville Opera House, SC, USA. Produced by Lee County Arts Council and Anima Productions. Recorded by Zack Meddlin, and Edited by Jeff Mahaffey.

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TEXT: Pace, pace mio Dio! Pace mio Dio! Cruda sventura m’astringe, ahime, a languir. Come il di primo da tant’ani dura profondo il mio soffrir! Pace, ace mioDio! Pace mio Dio! L’amai, gli e ver! Ma di belta e valore cotanto Iddio l’orno, che l’amo ancor, ne togliermi dal core l’immagin sua sapro. Fatalita! Fatalita! Fatalita! Un delitto disgiunti na qual giu! Alvaro, io t’amo! E sun el cielo e scritto: Non ti vedro mai piu! Oh, Dio, Dio fa ch’io muoia; che las calma puo darmi morte sol. Invan la pace qui spero quest’alma in preda a tanto a tanto duol, in mezzo a tanto, a tanto duol. Invan la pace! Quest’alma invan la pace quest’alma. Misero pane a prolungarmi vieni la sconsolata vita. Ma chi giunge? Chi profanare ardisce il sacro loco? Maledizione, maledizione, maledizione, maledizione!”

TRANSLATION: Father, father, father almighty!Grant me peace of heart! Cruel misfortune has doomed my life to suffering! Hard and relentless weighs on me its burden today as long ago. Father! Father! Father grant me peace! My love was his! God gave him such noble grace and valor that I love! And now to ban his image from me! Why? O tragic fate! We were parted by destiny before. Alvaro, I love you! Yet there on high it is written that we shall not meet again. Have pity, o Lord, let me die! That in death I might at last attain peace. For peace and calm I vainly hope for amid such mortal, mortal pain! For peace I hope! Bread of misery that only prolongs my suffering and desolate existence. Who approaches?! Who dares profane the sacred grotto’s boarders?! Death and Damnation!

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