Un bel di vedremo

With, Don Shabkie, Pianist, and Sharon Ensinger, Qi-gond Dancer perform “Un bel di vedremo” from Giacomo Puccini’s (1858-1924) opera Madama Butterfly during pt 4 of 4, of concert series titled, “Lovers in all Predicaments.” At the Bishopville Opera House, SC, USA. Produced by Lee County Arts Council and Anima Productions. Recorded by Zack Meddlin, and Edited by Jeff Mahaffey.

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TEXT: Un bel di vedremo le varsi un fil di fume sull’estremo confin del mare. E poi la nave appare. Poi la nave Bianca entra nel porto, rumba il suo salute. Vedi? E venuto! Io non gli ascend incontro… io no. Mi metto la sul ciglio del colle, e aspetto gran tempo; e non me pesa, la lunga attesa. E uscito dalla folla cittadina un uomo un picciol punto s’avia per la collina. Chi sara? Chi sara? E come sara giunto chi dira? Chi dira? Chiamera Butterfly, dalla lontana. Io senza dar risposta me ne saro na scosta un po’per celia e un po’ per non mo rire al primo in contro! Ed egli alquanto in pena chiamera, chiamera: Piccina mogliettina, olezzo di verbena, I nomi che mi dava al suo venire.Tutto questo avverra, te lo prometto. Tienti la tua paura; io consicura fede l’aspeto!

TRANSLATION: One fine day we will notice a smoke cloud nearing on the sea in the far horizon, and then his ship will appear… Now the mighty war ship slowly comes into the harbor…Cannons will roar a welcome. See there! I knew it! I shall not go to meet him, oh no… I’ll wait until much later to greet him awaiting, awaiting his arrival through the long countless hours amoung the flowers. A man emerges from the crowded city a tiny dot ascending and slowly looming clearer… Is it he? And his journey is ending can it be? He will call “Butterfly” from afar. I, without replying, will hide in silence perhaps to tease him… but more… to keep from dying of happiness and then in agitation he will call: “My precious darling my lovely silver Goddess!” those lovely names I will always treasure. All I say will come true! Believe me! Love cannot be mistaken! My faith remains unshaken!

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