Voi, lo sapete o mamma

Voi, lo sapete o mamma

With, Don Shabkie, Pianist perform ” Voi, lo sapete o mama” from Pietro Mascagni’s (1863-1945) opera Cavelleria Rusticana during pt 3 of 4, of concert series titled, “Lovers in all Predicaments.” At the Bishopville Opera House, SC, USA. Produced by Lee County Arts Council and Anima Productions. Recorded by Zack Meddlin, and Edited by Jeff Mahaffey.

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TEXT: Voi lo sapete o mama, prima d’andar soldato Turidu aveva Lola eternal fe giurato. Torno, La seppe sposa; e con un muovo amore volle spegner la fiamma che gli bruciava il core. M’amo. L’amai, L’amai! Ah! L’amai! Quel invida d’ogni delizia mia, del suo sposo dimentica. Arse di gelosia, are di gelosia, me l’ha rapito, me l’ha rapito. Priva dell’onor mio, dell’ onor mio rimango. Lola e Turiddu s’amano, Lola e Turiddu s’amano; io! Piango! Io piango! Io piango. Io son dannato! Andante, o mama, ad implorare Iddio, e pregate per me. Verra Turidu, vo’ suplicarlo un’ altra volta ancora!

TRANSLATION: You remember mama, when he became a soldier, Turidu loved only Lola and thought they would soon marry and hoped to find great happiness forever. He returned ( from war) and found Lola to be married. In his distress Turidu turned to me in great sorrow and tried to forget his passion. He loved me. I loved him. I loved him! Ah! I loved him. She then envied me. Envied the joy I found. She was faithless to Alfio; Burning with spiteful envy, jealous and full of envy she stole Turidu! She stole Turidu. Robbed of love and my honor, I am alone and abandoned. They are together, they are lovers again! Lola and Turidu are lovers again, and I am left alone to weep. I weep alone! I am damned! I am damned! I beg you mam, pray for my salvation. Mama, pray for my soul and Turidu. I’ll try to move his heart to pity. Once more, I’ll try to move his heart to pity.

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